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The value of drone-powered solutions in the agriculture industry is worth $32.4B. Aerial intelligence captured by drones help agricultural users make data-driven decisions and optimize the farm's profitability.


Orthomosaic Mapping

An orthomosaic map is a geographic representation of the farmland. Within agriculture, these maps can allow users to create soil maps, count plants, monitor plant stress, and estimate yields. This tool can help in managing crop over time and allow users to have more visibility into how their farm is performing.

Aerial Spot Spray

As a farmer, why would you spray your entire 100-acre field when only 30 acres are damaged by weeds or pests? Drones enable agricultural users the ability to specifically targeted impacted areas of the field. This drone-powered solution reduces the amount of chemical application, lowers the amount of drift, eliminates the potential damaged crops from large equipment, and all by maintain and even improving yields. Aerial spot spraying enhances the farmer’s efficiency and optimizes profitability.

Crop Insurance

When crop damage occurs and a claim is filed, it is challenging to see the whole field and know where all the damage is. In a matter of minutes, drones can show visibility to what the entire field look like and what areas of the field need to be further investigated. The benefits for using drones in crop insurance include improved accuracy, comprehensive reporting, and more data to make informed decisions, which all result in a better customer experience.

Livestock Management

Using drones, farmers and ranchers can gain insights from having visibility of where all their animals are roaming. This information can be collected on-demand and eliminates the hassle of manually roaming the pasture to conduct farm inspections.

Drones in Agriculture


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