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The value for drone-powered solutions is worth $6.8B. Enhance your policyholder's experience through workflow efficiency, reduced risk, and higher precision.

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Claims Assessment

The current claims process consists of adjusters manually climbing on potentially damaged roofs to complete an inspection. This process is slow, dangerous, and is often inaccurate. Using drone technology, insurance companies can enhance the claims experience through improved precision, in a timely manner, and without having an adjuster climb on top of a roof.

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Drones can help improve the risk evaluation process for underwriters. Prior to giving out a quote to a customer, insurance carriers can model the risk of the home, building, property, etc., to make informed data-driven decisions.

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Catastrophe Management

In a catastrophic event, drones are deployed to capture on-demand information about damages. Insurance companies use satellite imagery to look at the area prior to the storm and use drone imagery to understand what catastrophic impacts occurred.

Drones in Insurance


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